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Fluorite appears in a range of wonderful colours and forms, as well as being perhaps the best anti-stress stone available. Whether used in healing or to improve the ambience of a room, fluorite is soothing, calming and cleansing. 
Fluorite Cubes and Pyrite on Quartz

Ethically hand mined in China

Over 1/2 a kilo of energetic quartz with lavender fluorite crystals, The largest crystal is a beautiful phantom and there is a 30mm pyrite crystal. Exceptional.

 100 x 90 x 70mm,  574 grams
£ 112.00 / $ 147.69
Fluorite Cubes with Quartz, Calcite and Pyrite

Ethically hand mined in China

A cluster of fluorite crystals sits on quartz covered by tiny brownish calcite crystals. With golden pyrite.

 100 x 70 x 35mm,  255 grams.
£ 65.00 / $ 85.71
Fluorite Tumble Stone

Ethically mined Fluorite.

"Fluorite can bring a cleansing, tidying, mint-like freshness of springtime to the chakras”. Melody Love is in the Earth.


25mm,  8 grams (approx)

£ 1.00 / $ 1.32
Purple Fluorite and Calcite on Quartz

Ethically hand mined in China

Exceptional natural art with a vibrant energy. Just look at it!

95 x 70 x 50mm,   270 grams
£ 84.50 / $ 111.42

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