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Reiki and Quartz Crystals

Reiki and Quartz Crystals

At Kacha Stones we know that crystals are more than just beautiful objects to exploit at will. The Sanskrit Vedas of India, dating back over 5000 years, describes different classes of jivas or living entities. Although some rock is certainly dead matter, others, like crystals, are said to be in the category of "non-moving” living beings. Trees are also grouped in this category; though it’s far easier understand they are alive.

Modern science only accepts that life is the product of chance combinations of chemicals evolving into the world we see around us. However, sophisticated cultures from all over the world and spanning thousands of years did not accept this scientific reductionism. Indian yogis, Aztecs, Mayans, Celts, Aboriginals, Native Americans and many more have all understood that behind the dead matter we see, is the life force we don’t.

In Japan this life force is called ki, from which the word Reiki is coined (rei means higher power), Taoists call it chi, Indian yogis call it prana, mana in Polynesia, ruach in Hebrew and baraka in Islamic countries. In the West Dr. Wilhelm Reich used orgone and bioplasma was used (and measured) by Russian researchers.

Certain geometric forms, locations and substances have been shown to strengthen, store and even direct this energy. Quartz crystals combine all three. Its geometry embodies the Golden Proportion, it can be found in location naturally rich in life force and its composition has remarkable properties, hence its widespread use in the electronics industry. This makes quartz one of the most potent tools for all types of energy work. Native Americans called quartz the "brain cells of Grandmother Earth” and recognised its natural resonance with the human mind, making it prized by their shaman as it strengthened their work on the subtle planes.

"The quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the dimensions of the mind. It can be used to communicate with minerals, plants, animals, and intelligent forces outside the physical dimension. In early times, when all things were thought to be parts of a greater living consciousness, the quartz crystal was believed to synchronize the individual and total consciousness.” (Love is in the Earth, by Melody).

It is this natural resonance with the mind that allows quartz to be "programmed” to move and amplify life force in a way that greatly enhances energy healing modalities. Reiki is especially suitable for combining with crystals in a variety of ways. These include "gridding” the healing room with quartz, placing them on the body to amplify the Reiki energy in that area, holding them to focus Reiki more easily and storing energy in crystals for patients to keep with them after treatments.

We have a wide variety of metaphysical and healing crystals available, including many chosen specifically to work with energy treatments. Many Reiki practitioners and Masters have told us that they have found Himalayan and Brandberg Quartz to be especially powerful, we also stock Reiki Chakra Pendants.

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Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful!
Posted By: S. Outlet - 23 Feb 2016 7:15

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