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Brandberg Quartz Clusters

A selection of rarely seen energetic Brandberg clusters. The Brandberg range in Namibia has produced the most spectacular and vibrant healing crystals ever mined. The most beautiful quartz on earth.

 Brandberg Cluster

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

This beautiful little cluster is covered in bright, sparkly points.

50 x 40 x 25mm,   35 grams

£ 16.25 / $ 21.86
 Brandberg Lavender Amethyst Cluster

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

A stunning little self-standing cluster.

35 x 20 x 45mm,   35 grams

£ 19.95 / $ 26.83
 Brandberg Lavender Amethyst Enhydro Cluster

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

The main crystals are around 30mm and both are beautifully bright enhydro's. It stands attractively in a variety of positions.

65 x 50 x 55mm,   139 grams

£ 45.00 / $ 60.53
 Brandberg Lavender Amethyst Flame Cluster

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

Delicate lavender amethyst clouds in bright quartz. 

60 x 20 x 30mm,   21 grams

£ 19.95 / $ 26.83
 Brandberg Lavender Amethyst with Prehnite, Calcite and Epidote

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

This unique cluster comprises a 40mm amethyst flame Transmitter (7-3-7 face sides) covered in pale green prehnite crystals. The tiny emerald green epidote crystals are best appreciated with a loupe. It shares it's tiny matrix with a white calcite crystal. A unique appearance and energy. 

35 x 25 x 45mm,   27 grams

£ 65.00 / $ 87.43
 Brandberg Smokey & Amethyst Flame Master Self-Healed Enhydro

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

At least 2 moving bubbles, beautiful clarity in the main crystal, a faint but definite Black Phantom and a pleasingly obvious, rare Master Self-Healed formation approaching the self-healed base. Apart from the usually listed properties of self-healed quartz, the obvious is often missed; only living crystal can heal itself, making a little self-healing something to look for if you aren't certain a crystal is alive.

"Brandberg Amethyst attunes to pure consciousness and is the most versatile and multi-dimensional healing tool on the planet, unparalleled in its beauty, energy and light. Judy Hall.
55mm,  74 grams
£ 79.50 / $ 106.94
 Omasheko Brandberg Amethyst Flame Self-Healed Harlequin

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

This is a rare Omasheko Brandberg, from a remote location in the Brandberg range. These unique crystals formed in calcite which later dissolved, creating wonderful etching and allowing most to form as DT's as they floated in the energy amplifying properties of calcite.  

This remarkable cluster is actually formed by the self-healing of a single, large Brandberg. Rare.

85 x 70 x 45mm,  224 grams.
£ 65.00 / $ 87.43
Omapeleki Brandberg Cluster

Ethically hand mined Omapeleki Brandberg quartz.

Rare and beautiful Omapeleki Brandberg cluster. Omapeleki's are mined in the remotest regions of the Gobogobos mountains, making them extremely rare. They are brightest of all Brandbergs and uniquely energetic.

90mm across, 65mm high,    112 grams.

£ 39.95 / $ 53.74
Omapeleki Brandberg Negative Manifestation Enhydro

Ethically hand mined Omapeleki Brandberg quartz.

This stunning mini-cluster comprises two main crystals. One characteristically bright, with several tiny crystal shaped water pockets, rare negative manifestations. The other exhibits refined calcite growth interference, where quartz is etched and sculptured by a long dissolved calcite. The combination of the properties of both crystals, amplified by dozens of tiny "ice crystals", is uniquely energetic.

70mm,  55 grams
£ 69.95 / $ 94.09

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