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Large Brandberg Quartz

All crystals in this section weigh at least 90 grams and are some of the finest Brandbergs available anywhere. The Brandberg range in Namibia has produced the most spectacular and vibrant healing crystals ever mined. 
 Omapeleki Brandberg Negative Manifestation Enhydro Skeletal Gateway Crystal

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Ethically hand mined Omapeleki Brandberg quartz.

Several well-formed Negatives Manifestation Enhydros (crystal shaped water pockets) and moving bubbles in this museum-grade Skeletal Gateway crystal. Stunning Skeletal layers make up the entire main face and recess to the crystals centre. Seriously rare. How rare? Try and find another on Googles 179 million "crystal healing" pages.

115 x 43mm,   190 grams
£ 463.00
Brandberg Amethyst Flame Etched Curved Rainbow Enhydro

Ethically hand mined Brandberg quartz.

Beautiful lavender amethyst flames. The little keys where calcite has dissolved is a kind of growth-interference where the calcite leaves it's energy amplifying frequencies within the quartz.

"In growth interference quartz the energies of calcite are combined with quartz to bring a powerful healing." Melody, "Love is in the Earth".

"If I have to pick my favourite quartz, it would be Brandberg Quartz!  They are magic in a crystal! The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall

75mm,  95 grams.

£ 95.00
Omapeleki Brandberg Quartz

Ethically hand mined Omapeleki Brandberg Quartz

An unusual Growth-Interference crystal with extensive self-healed old damage on a Calcite and micro-quartz cluster.

Omapeleki Brandbergs are mined in the remotest regions of the Gobogobos mountains, making them extremely rare. They are brightest of all Brandbergs and uniquely energetic.

100 x 60 x 40mm,    150 grams

£ 34.50

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